Currently an Analytics Specialist at a tech startup called VideoBlocks, I create models of online customer behavior and manage our A/B testing infrastructure. I previously worked as a Senior Data Analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton, where I developed immigration forecasts for the Department of Homeland Security. I also built RShiny applications for various clients to visualize trends in global disease detection, explore NFL play calling, and cluster MLB pitchers. After grad school I worked as a Research Assistant in the Macroeconomics Department of Banc Sabadell in Spain, measuring price bubbles in the Colombian housing market.

I have an MS in International Trade, Finance, and Development from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and a BS in Economics from Gonzaga University. For my Master's thesis I drafted a policy proposal on primary education reform in Argentina, using cluster analysis to determine the optimal regions to implement the program. I also conducted research in behavioral economics and experimental design, using original surveys and statistical modelling to estimate framing effects and the maximization of employee effort.

I am passionate about using data and statistical models to answer unique research questions. Using R and RShiny, I enjoy tapping into interesting datasets and creating interactive tools and visiualizations. I am also proficient in Python and SQL, and as an avid follower of the data science community, I am constantly tinkering with new languages and techniques to apply in my work.

I love playing music and have a growing collection of guitars, synthesizers, and drum machines. I also enjoy travelling, snowboarding, and playing video games.

A Pacific Northwest native, I grew up in Everett, Washington. After studying abroad in Granada, Spain in college, I decided to go back to Spain for grad school and travelled around Europe when I needed a break from studying. I now live in Washington, D.C.


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